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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions in Motor Vehicle

Can I have all my vehicle's registrations due at the same time?

Yes you can. When you register your second vehicle, ask the clerk to prorate that registration for the same month as your other vehicle.

When a new plate year arrives, can two vehicles have the same plate number?

Yes. The owner of the vehicle may request that the new issue plate be assigned to another vehicle he owns. When the old issue plate becomes due, another plate number will be assigned. The left hand upper portion of your vehicle registration displays the plate number, type of vehicle and plate year. The plate year indicates the year the plate was issued by the State of Nebraska, NOT the year of the vehicle or the year the vehicle is registered. The same plate number issued by the State of Nebraska in different years would be distinguished by the plate design and the plate year on the registration. There is also the possibility that the wrong plate number could be picked up in error by the clerk. I encourage everyone to match the plate number with their registration before leaving the Treasurer’s office.

Why can't I always have my same number back?

The state system automatically reserves the same plate number for the same vehicle. The exception occurs when the owner allows the registration to lapse. The state allows approximately 90 to 120 days before they notify us that we may issue plates that had been previously designated to specific vehicles. Plate numbers are issued by the State of Nebraska as they are needed. If you were issued a higher alpha plate number at the end of the previous plate year, the new plate number may not be available when your registration becomes due. When new plates arrive (all 28,000 of them), sometimes, unfortunately, they are not filed in numerical order. If this occurs, the clerk may not have the time to look for a misplaced plate, especially at a hectic time - and another plate number may be issued.

Why do I have to present a current insurance card?

State law requires that we verify current insurance. Individuals often purchase insurance for the minimum time frame and fail to continue their insurance coverage. Unfortunately, this makes it necessary for us to require all taxpayers to provide a current insurance card.

How do I re-license my vehicle?
If you are simply reregistering your vehicle, bring your registration card (which you received in the mail), your vehicle registration and proof of insurance to the Treasurer to receive your new plates and/or tags.

If you have purchased a new vehicle you will need to bring the following to the Treasurer:

  • Bill of Sale or Sales Tax Form* signed by the seller
  • Insurance Card
  • Purchase Agreement
  • Title
If your vehicle is financed, the title will be sent directly to the Treasurer from the banking institution.

*Sales tax is based on the county or city where you live, not where the vehicle was purchased. Penalty and interest occurs when sales tax is not paid within 30 days of purchase.
What happens if I have not licensed my vehicle within the thirty day grace period?
Penalty and interest is applied to the sales tax if not paid within thirty days after the purchase of a vehicle. Nebraska law does not provide an extension of the 30 day grace period.

If you have any questions regarding motor vehicle registration, please feel free to contact our office at (308) 324-3241, email Kaitlyn at, or consult your personal attorney.